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Senior Year Programs: Check it Off Series!

Ready for next year?

Prepare yourself for the new challenges and opportunities that you will encounter in the year after you graduate. Attend our sessions designed to help you prepare for life after college. Sessions are presented by guests or Fordham staff, administrators and young alumni. The location for the sessions will be in the basement of Campbell Common Room unless otherwise specified.

This year, the schedule includes:

Navigating the Office Cocktail Hour

Have a cocktail event as part of your interview schedule?  Wondering if you should opt in for the office happy hour after work on Friday?  This workshop will explore how socializing in and around the workplace can effect your personal and professional experiences.


Healthy Cooking

Mom doesn’t live here anymore and eating out every night can add up.  Learn some tips and take home some easy recipes on how to cook on a budget while living on your own. 


Apartment Hunting Essentials

Whether you live in on-campus, on Arthur, or at home, it may be time for you to start looking for your own place in New York City or beyond.  Learn about your rights as a renter, how to work with a real estate agent or broker and how to find an affordable apartment that suits your needs.  Afterwards, talk with our alumni panelists who can fill you in on what it is like to move in with your parents again, move-in with roommates or have a place all to yourself.


Managing Your Finances

What is FICA and why does my paycheck shrink because of it?  What’s the difference between a 401(k), 403(b) and an IRA?  Who is Sallie Mae and why do I owe her so much money?  What are my rights as an employee?  If you need the answers to these questions and many more about benefits and finances, you won’t want to miss this session. 


Staying Involved

Need some help finding a faith community, interest group or alumni program that is right for you?  Our panel can help you stay involved long after your college days have come to an end.  Whether you stay in New York City or relocate, this session can help you stay linked to the people, places and hobbies you enjoy most.


Visit the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development in McGinley 204, call (718) 817-4339

Details about past events are available in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development in McGinley 204.

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